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I ordered a intake manifold from Speedmaster, while in the process of ordering the manifold I received two different prices from the same sales rep, on the same manifold in less than a two minute period. There was a $30.00 difference in the two prices.

When I questioned the two different prices, the rep's answer was "what's your problem?". I said two different prices on the same item in less than two minutes.

I then ordered the fuel rails for the manifold. When I received them, I called and questioned the freight charge.

I was informed that they had overcharged me by $7.00. They said they would apply it to the next order, because it would cost more than $7.00 to process the credit. My response was you should have charged the correct amount in the first place. This was in late May of 16, still haven't seen the credit.

I have dealt with these people before, and questioned a lot of there charges. The price of the items changes with your telephone call. They just told me that a manifold I purchased from them 2 weeks ago, the price increase has increased by $60.00. that was the best they could do, because the Chinese factory said they raised their price.

That is really strange as you read China's economy is in the tank.

And the manifolds they have are the same ones they had 2 weeks ago. They admitted that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Auto Part.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Mr ProComp or Speedmaster!!!!,

Can you guys build a race car with all your engine parts, gearbox & complete Speedmaster 9 inch diff & show every one how good your parts are.

I have never seen a 9 second or 10 second, even slower times in the 1/4 mile strip car using any type of the above parts mentioned. Is it maybe because you guys are to smart to build a death trap with your car parts & sell to the public which are the guinea pigs. When is Fairtrading going to wake up & do somthing about these thieves.


***Warning to any one purchasing from from Speedmaster or Procomp. They have changed names quite a few times due to, to many people being burnt by this company. They sell complete rubbish car parts, they have made a fortune off a lot of car enthusiast which have been ripped off.

to Anonymous #1385259


Times have changed

That was in the 70s when when they made ***.

Now they make quality stuff.

Do your research {{REDACTED}}

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