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I purchased a set of pistons, I then purchased the required rings listed. Didn’t fit, contacted speedmaster I asked what rings fit these pistons.

I was told the same as the first time, I thought ok. I got a second set. Did not fit (not surprised but it did stop the argument that the first of rings was flawed). So another different person at speedmaster then told me I had the wrong ring.

GREAT! I purchased 3rd set of rings, recommended part number and supplier that speedmaster uses. This supplier sent the wrong part, so fourth set of rings. Wow they fit, but!

There was a mixup on my end ordering the pistons. They are the wrong wrist pin height. Called speedmaster again they were very willing to help out. I was told that the rings would be the same,NOT!

The 1st set, 2nd, 3rd, nor the 4th ring set didn’t fit!

Another call, very long story but the pistons I have required a special ordered set of rings through total seal. I can only image that anyone who read this, are asking why would I go through all of this? WELL, I have a balanced rotating assembly and was told that these last set pistons were the same weight. However I’m not very convinced that anything I was told is corrected and I learned a very valuable lesson.

I should have stayed with the brands I know! SO DONT BUY SPPEDMASTER

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